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HR Superstars

Jan 31, 2023

In recent years, talk therapy has become a more normalized benefit for many employees. But what about psychedelic-assisted therapy?

Mindbloom is a mental health treatment company that provides at-home Ketamine therapy with a mission to make the treatment more approachable and affordable.

In this episode, Kristin Arden, lead clinician, shares how Mindbloom is reducing barriers to accessing care and debunking the stigmas around psychedelics. Not only does she share the healing powers of Ketamine therapy, but she also discusses the ways it can transform teams and organizations.

Join us as we discuss:

  • [02:12] How ketamine therapy repairs damage from chronic stress
  • [12:06] The impact of mental health on the ability to function at work
  • [20:40] Benefits of an at-home treatment model
  • [28:53] Advice for leaders interested in ketamine therapy

In November of 2022, 15Five became the first company to offer Ketamine-assisted therapy as an employee benefit.

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